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The SCAA blog is rapidly  becoming one of the most frequently read  blogs in the coffee industry. Updated regularly with authentic and relevant articles and links to upcoming events, many of our readers state that they bookmark our blog url for easy reference and return regularly!

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What do our readers say about our blog?

“One of the best blogs I read. The articles are pertinent, interesting, and helpful. I appreciate it because I don't have to sort through pages of posts to find something relevant to me.” Karl Fisher, Alabaster Coffee Roaster and Tea Company, Retailer

“I read the SCAA regularly to keep up to date with the industry....and to gather ideas for the BPS Blog :) Thanks for providing such a great resource!” Kari Guddeck, Barista Pro Shop, Wholesaler

“I love to read the SCAA blog, its a great way to stay involved in the coffee industry and keep up with the current news and trends.  I have used the SCAA as a resource for years and am forever grateful for its wealth of information relating to the specialty coffee industry." Monica Dyakanoff,Cafe Bravo Coffee Roasting Company, Wholesaler

“The go to spot for specialty coffee info!” Scott Giese, Kohls, Consumer

"I like!    Clean layout, useful information and good links.   I tend to use twitter as a way of following the "industry," so I like how you post links on twitter back to your blog.    Rock on ." Dan Pabst, Mudhouse, Barista

"Good, informative, I especially like the focus on the human aspects. After all, coffee might be a commodity for some, but for many is the fragrant fruit of their loving work." Gazy Kattan, Wholesaler and Consumer

"I read every update. Not everything applies to me (of course), but what does is usually timely and very well written. Your blog has made it onto my browser's Bookmarks Bar, and that's about as high as my praise can get." Nathanael May, Portland Roasting Company, Wholesaler

"Love it! I love to read any news I can get about coffee. Sometimes its hard to find someone who wants to or knows about coffee enough to have a full conversation, normally I find myself teaching people that have questions more than having a conversation with someone already involved in the industry. This blog gives me a chance to sit down, enjoy a nice cup of coffee, and explore the world of coffee with the experts." Natasha Botbijl, The Luwak Cafe, Retailer